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Reviews by Style: Black Ale

Kaleidoscope Collaboration Ale

Like you, I’ve been watching the media circus surrounding Patrick Wensink’s Broken Piano for President and the world’s friendliest cease-and-desist letter. It’s been amazing watching a Bizarro title climb to the top of’s rankings, peaking just below the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (Note to Patrick: Next time, don’t forget to include ben wa balls in the book), not to mention the positive coverage in places like Boing Boing, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Time Magazine.

Back in Black

Black. The most achromatic of colors. Black is the color of objects that refuse to reflect light in the visual spectrum (or, if you’re a Nina Simone fan, “the color of my true Love’s hair”). The word black comes from the Old English “blæc” (meaning “black, dark”, or “ink”).

Butchertown Black Ale

Third time’s the charm. I have the best intentions in writing these reviews. I believe that brewing is one of the hallmarks of civilization, and that by sharing my thoughts on quality adult beverages with you, I somehow enrich your lives.

Orange & Black Congrats Ale!

Alas, the Giants lost today. But that’s no reason not to enjoy a World Champions commemorative beer, right? Moylan’s Orange & Black Congrats Ale is a “smooth, American black ale brewed with orange zest.” And the lineup sounds promising. Or should I fear the beer(d)?