Dogs, Books, and Beer. Not necessarily in that order.

Reviews by Style: West Coast IPA

6th Anniversary Ale

Big, bold Cali DIPA. Mega head. Grapefruit and pine nose, caramel and lemon on the tongue.

Idiot IPA

It’s been a good week, with a handful of projects resolving nicely, good reviews on a couple of books I’ve recently worked on, and an e-mail to let me know that my short-short story “Jamie” will be appearing in next week’s issue of the North Bay Bohemian and that I’ll be reading the story at the Java Jive event at the Sebastopol Copperfield’s next Wednesday.

Hopyard Dog

I’ve said it before. Put a dog on the label, and you’ve got my attention. Pale Horse Brewing Company, from Salem, OR, have done just that with their Hopyard Dog IPA, putting a handsome bulldog front and center. I picked this one up at Petaluma Market yesterday evening after a conversation with Jeffrey the Beer Guy about Oregon’s ubiquitous microbreweries (“And I though we had a lot of breweries down here,” confessed Jeffrey, having just visited Portland).

JC Flyer IPA

What a day! A parade, a ballgame (on TV), some errand running, and an awesome sandwich. Now I’m watching Beetlejuice with Maddie and knocking back a libation from Fairfax, CA: Iron Springs JC Flyer IPA. Named for the Bay Area country-rocker, JC Flyer is “an English style India Pale Ale with West Coast hops.” I’m afraid I’m not familiar with JC. How’s his beer?

Retribütion Imperial IPA

It was a hot one today: 91 degrees according to the bank’s digital thermometer downtown. At one point we wandered down to Petaluma Market pretty much as an excuse to enjoy their air conditioning. I grabbed the latest pair of Stone Imperial Russian Stouts (next week?), but wanted an IPA tonight. Then I spotted the umlaut. I’m a sucker for an umlaut.

Union Jack IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Company claims “Passion for the Pale” on Union Jack’s label and it wears their medals on it’s cap. Plus, lion vs. bear fisticuffs and a proper British pint are their logo. You’ve got my attention, Firestone. But is it hubris or street cred? Let’s find out…