Book Pairings for Le Petit Prince Farmhouse Table Beer

Pairings recommended for those with a bit of allegorical planet-hopping in mind. On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux…

  • The Little Prince

    Title: The Little Prince

    Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    One of the best-selling Bizarro books of all time, and one of the most widely-translated books of the 20th century, The Little Prince chronicles the heartstrings-tugging adventures and discoveries of a alien prince fallen to earth, and the irrational adults he encounters on his way. Bonus Bizarro points for elephant-eating boa constrictors, sheep in boxes, and planet-destroying baobab trees.

  • Love in the Time of Dinosaurs

    Title: Love in the Time of Dinosaurs

    Author: Kirsten Alene

    Three days after his partner is bitten in half by a brachiosaur, a nameless monk meets the love of his life. Her name is Petunia. She is a dinosaur. But a twenty-year war between their species is about to come to a head, and only one will survive.

  • Hooray for Death!

    Title: Hooray for Death!

    Author: Mykle Hansen

    Death by sandwich! Death by yoga! Death by blimp! In HOORAY FOR DEATH, Famous Author Mykle Hansen draws unconventional humor from deaths tiny and large, and invites you to laugh while you can.

  • Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows

    Title: Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows

    Author: Andrew Goldfarb

    A creepy cute, voodoo cartoon set in a world of ghouls, witches, and pink monkeys. Slub Glub (a blue glob-like creature) has awoken to find his world has been flooded by the tears of the Weeping Willows. His quest to help cure the sadness of the willows leads him on an interplanetary adventure that will reveal the secret meaning of the world.

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