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Reviews by Brewery: Knee Deep Brewing Co.

Imperial Tanilla

Keep your eyes open for Imperial Tanilla, the Big Kahuna of smoky vanilla porters. Full review to come.

Hoptologist DIPA

One of the risks in reviewing adult beverages: a high ABV may lead to a missed review. That’s what happened with Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Hoptologist DIPA, which I purchased, photographed, and enjoyed a couple weeks ago, but forgot to write a review. At 9% and 102 IBU, this one packs a wallop, so in the interest of SCIENCE! here’s a second attempt.

Ryedentity Crisis

Another week of juggling manuscripts in various states: rough drafts to polished prizes to final corrections. All to make sure they do one thing: communicate a story without stumbling. What I do requires a whole lot of trying to get into authors’ and editors’ heads, trying to glean the motivation and meaning behind the words. It’s almost enough to give one an identity crisis.

Hopstar IPA

From Reno, Nevada comes Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Hopstar IPA. Reno’s not exactly Beer Mecca, is it?