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Reviews by Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Double Jack Double IPA

As promised last weekend, I’m delving a little deeper into Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s catalog. Tonight, from the Proprietors Reserve Series: Double Jack Double IPA. Double Jack pours red-gold with a massive, clumpy head. Bright on the nose: floral hops and grapefruit. Taste delivers on smell’s promise: grapefruit and hops up front. Candied malt and sticky caramel dance on the tongue. Fruity finish, with a nice alcohol burn and lasting bitterness. An excellent upgrade.

Union Jack IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Company claims “Passion for the Pale” on Union Jack’s label and it wears their medals on it’s cap. Plus, lion vs. bear fisticuffs and a proper British pint are their logo. You’ve got my attention, Firestone. But is it hubris or street cred? Let’s find out…