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Reviews by Style: Winter Warmer

Wreck the Halls

The Holiday season is here, evidenced by the lit-up tree in my living room, the boat parade tooting along the Petaluma River, and Jennifer’s stockpile of toy donations preventing me from accessing my turntable and bookshelves T through Z. Christmas chaos… not to mention carols, shopping, and panic… will soon be unavoidable.

Allies Win the War!

Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, call it what you will, the holiday not only commemorates the end of the War to End All Wars (ah, if only that name had been more accurate), but also pays tribute to those who serve this country (too often giving all). Plus, it’s a whole lot of elevens–particularly this year. And who doesn’t like the number eleven?

Fireside Chat

Adult Beverage knocks one back with FDR tonight, sampling a Fireside Chat–in a can–from 21st Amendment Brewery. This one’s a winter ale–perfect for a snow-threatening night–with spices added, so I’ve got the fireplace lit and vintage jazz on the radio…