Big Eye IPA



Ballast Point Big Eye IPATonight, about five hundred miles south of me, my buddy Lyell’s having a Ballast Point Sculpin IPA. I know this because I glanced at Facebook earlier tonite, where Lyell had posted a photo of his own Adult Beverage. Finally, the Internet has revealed its true purpose: knowing what your buddies are drinking!

I didn’t have a Sculpin on hand, but in solidarity I’ve cracked open a Ballast Point Big Eye IPA. How does it compare?

Big Eye pours rich golden copper with a impressively-thick head. What a texture! Beer mustache from this one for sure. Fruity and bright on the nose (could it be…? Hawaiian Punch!?) with underlying hints of pine. Sweet and bitter on the tongue: hops and sweet malt and a bitter kick in the teeth. The bitterness is the showcase here; dry-hopped bite so tart it hits Ruination levels. And great mouthfeel: Nice and creamy and thick and… Hey! Is that…? Citrus finish!

Oh, this is outstanding. Lyhillus, you gotta have one of these!

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