Book Pairings for Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Bean

Book recommendations, vanilla and otherwise… with maybe a little bit of steam.

  • Clockwork Girl

    Title: Clockwork Girl

    Author: Athena Villaverde

    Pichi was once a normal human girl. But now her skin is made of brass, her organs have been replaced by cogs and gears, and her heart must be wound up every day in order to stay alive. She is a clockwork girl.

  • The Constantine Affliction

    Title: The Constantine Affliction

    Author: T. Aaron Payton

    1864. London is a city in transition. The Constantine Affliction--a strange malady that kills some of its victims and physically transforms others into the opposite sex--has spread scandal and upheaval throughout society. Scientific marvels and disasters, such as clockwork courtesans, the alchemical fires of Whitechapel, electric carriages, and acidic monsters lurking in the Thames, have forever altered the face of the city.

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