Double Dog Double Pale Ale



Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale AleOne of my biggest literary influences is Hunter S. Thompson. Progenitor of Gonzo journalism, unapologetic gun nut, and political raconteur, Doctor Thompson was a true American original. Flying Dog Brewery, originally of Aspen, CO, but now located in Frederick, MD, was started by Thompson’s friend and neighbor George Stranahan, and has distinguished itself as a brewer of Adult Beverages that exemplify a particularly Gonzo attitude. Plus, Thompson’s illustrator, British cartoonist Ralph Steadman, does their labels. Tonight, I’m trying a Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale, which even quotes Thompson on its label: “Good people drink good beer.” Double Dog promises “to finish you off with a well-balanced, rich and full body, complete with a hint of sweetness.” You don’t need to double dog dare me to see how this one stacks up…

Double Dog pours a dark, robust orange with a thick, foamy white head like a whipped dessert topping. There’s nothing pale about this ale. Great retention, with ghostly tendrils of lacing. Boozy on the nose–not unexpected with an 11.5% ABV–with sweet malt and citrus hops. Complex on the tongue: malt sugar, bitter piney hops, burnt caramel, and warm alcohol. Bitter and sweet dominate the experience, with a heavy mouthfeel and slight carbonation. Dry finish, hints of grapefruit, with long-lingering bitterness. Unique, with a lot of attitude and plenty of personality. Dangerously drinkable.

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