Lucky 13 .alt



Lagunitas Lucky 13 .alOoh, Lucky 13’s a blonde now,” was my thought as I grabbed this off the shelf at Petaluma Market. Only tonight, as I cracked it open, did I notice the “.alt”. Usenet flashback aside, I was confused. “But… She’s a blonde,” I said. Doesn’t “.alt” code dyeblack hair and tattoos?

In any case, Lucky 13 .alt is a “specially brewed Hi-Gravity Auburn offering.” Still doesn’t make sense she’s a blonde, but what the heck…

Lucky 13 .alt pours pale ruddy gold with a thick, frothy head that very nicely patterns the glass with lacing. Sweet and piney nose, very green and enticing. Burnt sugar chased by hoppy bitterness on the tongue, with bitter just chasing sweet across the palate and down the throat with a pleasant alcohol burn. Outstanding bitter finish. Wow.

Lucky 13 .alt’s a bombshell. Very, very nice.

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