Rabbit's Foot Meadery DiabhalAfter a day of behaving at a dry-but-for-Fresca company picnic, this goat-legged fellow called to me from the BevMo shelf: “Thirsty, friend?”

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery’s Diabhal is seductively all about the honey, evidenced by its honeylike amber color and syrupy viscosity with particulate suspensions. A light tan head leaves delicate lacing along the glass to slowly honey-drizzle down and disappear between sips. Flavors of honey and spicy Belgian hops up front. Good mouthfeel–big, but not too big–and only lightly carbonated. Nice and spicy as it rolls across the tongue, but a dry finish. Aftertaste is all honey. Very meadlike. Could this be a braggot? I suspect there is more going on here than the “Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale” promised by the label. I know the Devil; he’s tricky that way. Must try this one on tap.

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