Single Malt Ale




Rogue Single Malt AleI’m up in the Rogue Nation for a few days of forced relaxation, hanging out by the beach, watching the waves roll in, enjoying a few beers. Last night, we hit the Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest at Rogue HQ, then wandered over to the Rogue Public House for more. Tonight, we’re in Lincoln City, staying at The Coho Oceanfront Lodge, and I picked this up at the local IGA to accompany a pizza from Humble Pie.

Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale boasts that it’s made from four ingredients: Rogue Micro Barley Farm first growth Dare Malt, Rogue Micro Hopyard first growth Revolution Hops, Free Range Coastal Water, and Pacman Yeast. Yep, Rogue grows their own.

This ale wants out of its bottle. Active carbonation foamed up the moment I cracked the cap. Pours hazy gold with a thick, foamy head that draws dragons with its lacing. Biscuity, malty nose, fresh bread with an undercurrent of fresh hops. Carbonation dances on the tongue. Sweet and refreshing, with a nice touch of bitter. Clean finish. Goes down easy, would make an outstanding session ale.

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