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Single Malt Ale

I’m up in the Rogue Nation for a few days of forced relaxation, hanging out by the beach, watching the waves roll in, enjoying a few beers. Last night, we hit the Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest at Rogue HQ, then wandered over to the Rogue Public House for more. Tonight, we’re in Lincoln City, staying at The Coho Oceanfront Lodge, and I picked this up at the local IGA to accompany a pizza from Humble Pie.

Highway 78 Scotch Ale

I love the idea of Stone’s collaboration series: micro brewers working together to produce “liquid tributes to the spirit of camaraderie.” So I’ve got high hopes for Highway 78 Scotch Ale, which brings together three North County San Diego brewers: Escondido’s Stone, San Marcos’s Green Flash, and Carlsbad’s Pizza Port.

Brother David’s Triple

From Boonville, CA comes Anderson Valley Brewing’s Abbey Style Ale, Brother David’s Triple, a pean to the High Priestess of Fermentation. “You are worthy,” this beer promises. And hey, solar powered brewery. So, how is it?

PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale

Last Friday, I had a gangster. Tonight, I’m having a PranQster, North Coast Brewing Company’s Belgian Style Golden Ale. I love a good California Belgian, and this one promises “antique yeast strains, producing a floral nose, full fruity flavor, and a clean finish.” Sounds fun. Or will it pull the chair out from under me?

Hopstar IPA

From Reno, Nevada comes Knee Deep Brewing Company’s Hopstar IPA. Reno’s not exactly Beer Mecca, is it?

Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale

All the way from Victor, Idaho comes Grand Teton Brewing’s Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale. I’ll admit it; this wasn’t my first choice tonight. He’Brew’s Lenny Bruce tribute RIPA caught my eye first. But when I picked up the four pack, the bottom fell out, sending bottles falling to the Whole Foods floor. What a comedian! Fortunately, nothing broke, but I was a little gun shy after my near beer-tastrophy, so I opted for the gold foil and hop-covered […]

Double Daddy Imperial IPA

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Speakeasy, maybe a few years. Their Big Daddy IPA and Prohibition Pale Ale were a staple of Night Shade house parties circa 2007-2008. And you’ve gotta admire the tenacity of a San Francisco independent. Plus, shifty eyes on the bottleneck. So, how is Double Daddy?

Orange & Black Congrats Ale!

Alas, the Giants lost today. But that’s no reason not to enjoy a World Champions commemorative beer, right? Moylan’s Orange & Black Congrats Ale is a “smooth, American black ale brewed with orange zest.” And the lineup sounds promising. Or should I fear the beer(d)?

Double Jack Double IPA

As promised last weekend, I’m delving a little deeper into Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s catalog. Tonight, from the Proprietors Reserve Series: Double Jack Double IPA. Double Jack pours red-gold with a massive, clumpy head. Bright on the nose: floral hops and grapefruit. Taste delivers on smell’s promise: grapefruit and hops up front. Candied malt and sticky caramel dance on the tongue. Fruity finish, with a nice alcohol burn and lasting bitterness. An excellent upgrade.

Union Jack IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Company claims “Passion for the Pale” on Union Jack’s label and it wears their medals on it’s cap. Plus, lion vs. bear fisticuffs and a proper British pint are their logo. You’ve got my attention, Firestone. But is it hubris or street cred? Let’s find out…