Dogs, Books, and Beer. Not necessarily in that order.

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Pliny the Elder Double IPA

Grapefruit floral nose; citrus & peach on tongue; soapy, hoppy, piney mid, lingering bitter finish.

Wünderbier Kölsch-Style Beer

Toasty & grassy nose; taste follows: hoppy & bready & herbal; lemon peel mid; dry, bitter, spicy finish.

Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop IPA

Super-sticky head; lemon & spice; sweet tea & malt sugar; sweet finish.

Thrash Metal Farmhouse Strong Ale

Louder, harder, faster. That’s thrash metal’s defining credo in a nutshell. The heaviness of NWOBHM fused with punk rock’s DIY spirit and and anti-authoritarianism, hopped up on malt liquor and pseudoephedrine, dubbed onto a cassette tapes and played through the blown speakers of a Nissan pickup truck at maximum volume. For a while, from the early eighties until it peaked in 1991, thrash metal seemed like it would change the world.

Book Pairings for Thrash Metal Farmhouse Strong Ale

Suggested literary pairings that accompany well the fine art of headbanging…

Fallen Angel Belgian-style Golden Ale

Big headed, bas-relief lacing. Nose full of yeast and sugar. Crisp apple’s bite.

Bitter Monk Belgian Style Double IPA

Settling in with a Bitter Monk DIPA. Lemon zest, citrus hops, pine tar, and oak. Bam! So that’s what 100 IBU feels like.

Book Pairings for Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Bean

Book recommendations, vanilla and otherwise… with maybe a little bit of steam.

Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Bean

When did “vanilla” start to define the mundane, the ordinary, the conventional? After all, there’s nothing vanilla about the history of this rare spice. First cultivated by the Totonacs, residents of what is now Veracruz, Mexico, the tlilxochitl (“black flower”) is said to have first grown on the spot where Princess Xanat, on the lam with a forbidden lover, was beheaded, the vanilla orchids and vines sprouting from where her blood fell.

Icelandic Toasted Porter

Scent is toasted nuts and roasted coffee. Taste is malty, with bitter chocolate undercurrent.